KD0ZW 2009/2010
Portable Power
60 watt solar panel
KD0ZW 2009/2010

Welcome to Amateur Radio Station KD0ZW website.  "New stuff!"

Working the World  from W. Des Moines IA armed with  5 watts PEP SSB , assorted CW Qrp rigs,  a trapped vertical, and  using only batteries and solar cells.  Updated 12/06/2009 ****  The briefcase 13 watt solar Panel ---  R.I.P.  (Rest  in Pieces) The kids tried to jump over it and crushed it.  The glass  was severely damaged... so... It's time for an upgrade... Now the rig & battery are supported with a 60 watt panel.  Works  sweet.  Also, I was bitten by the  crystal radio bug as I explored creating crystal radio kits for the cub scouts... see what happened below.....  

New..60 watt solar collector at aprox. 45 degrees.  Keeping the deep cycle batteries real happy with a 10 amp charge controller.

Got a little carried away with  the crystal radio thing... Here is an enhanced crystal radio with variable sensitivity, selectivity, and 4 different detectors including a galena crystal!

Here is something you won't see every day... a 680uh loop stick, / 220pf polycon variable cap  crystal radio.  Made in an old clear cassette tape case.. Perfect for a camp out!

I  don't want to forget my  roots... Here is a SWL'ers 49 meter band crystal radio!

                Pictured above: KD0ZW  Michael Mona -- QTH Clive, IA Suburb of Des Moines  with:

  • 6BTV (Hustler) vertical with DX Engineering tilt rig  with radial plate -- radials for 40,30,20
  • Home-brew portable power pack -- Deep cycle with  MFJ 12v accessory power panel/meter 400 watt Inverter mounted on back side.
  • Ground mounted  60 watt Solar Panel --with charge controller.  New for  Fall  2009!
  • BitX20A SSB rig -- FCC-1 LCD readout, micro fan cooling, and vintage Turner 2+2 mic.
  • One freebie DX Engineering Hat!