KD0ZW 2009/2010
Portable Power
60 watt solar panel

Here is my latest adventure in amateur radio.  The BITX20A. Expect 5 watts pep out of this xcvr with an ultra-sensitive receiver that outperforms  my old Icom 751A. Add  a FCC-1 to know  where you are at, and now you've got something that is really useful.  You've got range!  Mine covers 14.056 to about 14.200.  I see a psk31 mod in the cards!  Hex fets are cheap and if one decides to go, I've got more to the rescue.  Here is how it turned out. Not the best looking radio, but it performs.  Works better that my 105dB dynamic range Icom 751, and more sensitive too! Pulls 130ma with a 12.5v source on receive. About 230ma with the micro fan on the Hex fets.   On transmit, it looks like an amp at 12.5 watts.  About 50% efficiency for SSB... not bad... and with the old Turner 2+2 FET powered dynamic mic, everyone likes how clean it sounds.  Okay...  I did spend some time with a Tektronics 435M grade scope to get it to reach its potential..  It was worth it.    Connect this to a deep cycle battery, a couple of solar cells, and your green all the way!

Cost:  $100/ radio -- $40-100/Microphone -- $350. UPS/battery/solar cells  Fun: lots of it.