KD0ZW 2009/2010
Portable Power
60 watt solar panel

Something all QRP builders should consider...

FCC-1 available from the NorCal club for $35/+sh for US deleveries.   I built 2 of these.  My  first was included on my BITX20A project.  Sweet little add on that will make you want to put one on every qrp xcvr you make...  This project is thru the hole contstruction that even a chimp can complete correctly.  Step by step instructions, plus easy to interface makes this a no brainer..

Price is pretty good too!  ;o)

Now if you are really a hardcore QRP builder, you want a Direct Digital Synthesis VFO -- You bet your bippie...I want one  I want one... .If your up to it, and your eyes are 15/15  this is the FCC-2 add on kit for the FCC-1 is for  you.  I took on the challenge...  Those little 1206 surface mount critters jump right out of the container and you spend 20-30 minutes looking for them on the speckled burber carpet..  Okay, I like to keep my tootsies warm in the shack... Anywho, wow what a kit and a challenge. I know I can  build  a FCC-1 in an hour, but this bad boy will make you ready to star in a Mel Brooks movie... Below are some pictures of my FCC-2   DC-20mhz version... the new MkII is the upgrade/expanded Mhz version. You have to order a sample for the bad boy U5 but all  else comes with the kit. I'll probably pay someone with a electron microscope to put U5 on for me...hi hi

Take your time and marvel on this little add on..  The precision pot fits on the middle.  Only problem I see is when you plug in the FCC-2 into the FCC-1 it gets a little tall. 




UPDATE:  Complete -- Works great from about 0-21 Mhz.. Beautiful sine wave!


Here is a close up  of that IC that will cause you the heebie jeebies.. U5  I got the courage to doit!  Hey and it worked first time.  Wow, don't think I want to ever do that again....