Building the 30 Mtr Rcvr
KD0ZW 2009/2010
Portable Power
60 watt solar panel

Not the best picture I've taken, but you can see the rcvr  coming to life in the lower left corner.  Putting the oscillator on frequency was a little challenging... Found it first at 14.7 Mhz. I was happy just to know it was working... Pulling only 6.5 ma...  Ooops... Must of zigged when I should of zagged... Reconfiguring the figures, I upped the caps on the LC circuit and bing bang boom.. There it was...I went to a yellow T-37-6 for stability  instead of Red.  I think that threw off my calcs... . ...  Now a 20-60 pf varible cap can run the table on 30 meters.  Even zero beat WWV!  Maybe overload the front end is more likely... I've got 1k pots to handle that! Got some torrids on wheels so the front end will have to wait...  Note to self:  Need some TL081's for a filter circuit and a 386  for audio output and maybe some 2n7000 enlightment for T/R switching.... 

All systems go... okay... honey I'll be right there...

73,  got to QRT... Things to do again...GE de KD0ZW SK AR CL