KD0ZW 2009/2010
Portable Power
60 watt solar panel
JB30 almost complete

Just about done... Few details to work thru, but it's functional on Rcv and Xmit!  Okay, so how well does it work?  On 30 meters the receiver  covers 10.050 to 10.150.  Estimated Dynamic range with the SA602 to be ~85-90.  The notch filter is about -6db down at 800 hz.  Audio works sweet as well as a 8:1 reduction tunning dial.  I added a varicap tuning circuit for the main tuning.  Nice and smooth.  Xmitting, I've got spot push button, not quite there yet, and the red switch to go from 1 watt to 162mw, just incase I'm in the mood.  All of these junk box parts are put together on a double sided board with some manhattan, dead bug, and point to point building schemes.  Notice I found a little low powered T/R relay in the upper right side of the second picture below.  Does pull alot of power, and it was officially in the junk box...  Under the board is the L317 voltage regulator.  This baby will run from 10-15v without a puff of smoke!  Oh.. Finally, expect 10-15ma draw on receive, and about 150ma on transmit.  The relay is pulling about 50ma.   After thoughts:  Yea, dead bug mounting of IC's is the prefered method.  Manhattan requires some additonal work to get it to look pretty.


There yea Go the JB30  "Junk Box 30"   



Top View of the inside.  BNC  panel mount for RF, PC mount T/R relay, Sa602 frontend with electronic tunning, peak tunning 1k pot to keep strong signals under control and a audio shaping for addition CW selectivity -- roughly ~750 with centering on 800 hz tones.