KD0ZW 2009/2010
Portable Power
60 watt solar panel

..In 1975, my neighbor saw my 160ft long wire antenna up in the trees used for my SWL interest, and wondered what I was up too...  I showed him my portable 6 band radio and he invited me in to his shack.  He put me on the mic  and then we conversed with an amateur in Oregon.  Wow, that was pretty facinating..... All of my teenage friends were into cars, girls, and sports and not necessary in that order.. I wanted more...  I took an electronics  class from W0UDQ...Mr. Kelsey...  He eventually gave me my novice test... and I became WN0OXL/WB0OXL (Overdriven X-ray Launcher.)  This started my quest. The late Doug DeMaw (W1FB), Wes Hayward W7ZOI and others  inspired my building habit.   Below are a few of my projects that might interest you or bring back some memories...  If you see something that gets you energized... that's great, this is what this site is all about.. 33  yrs later, I'm still getting after it... KD0ZW

One pnp 100mw 40mtr CW rig

20mtr VFO for 20mtr Little Joe

Latest  project 2008 vintage BitX20A 20mtr 5 w pep Xcvr

Little Joe with 20mtr mod. CW 1watt out

Improved Neophyte Rcvr 40 mtrs

How  I run  qrp  in the shack.

Little Joe 10/15mtr CW 1 watt  out

Matching Little Joe 40mtr xmitter

My shack  is powered by a battery and the sun.

Something different that may interest you.

NYUCR -- Not your usual crystal radio

"Crystal Cassette" by KD0ZW

49 Mtr  SWL'er "Roots"

Pixie Plus 2  200mw cw xcver

Inexpensive TNC using the 16F88 chip

Latest Project in time for winter 2008/2009 QRP work 30mtr XCVR


Quick Links

100mw qrp xmitter
20 mtr Little Joe
HB VFO for Little Joe
10/15 Mtr Little Joe
Tiny Tornado
Improved Neophyte Rcvr 40 mtrs
Inexpensive TNC
QRP operations
Crystal Radio
Crystal Cassette
49 Mtr Crystal Radio
30 Mtr CW Xcvr
Original Tin Tuna